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Pier Angeli French Interview

Pier Angeli interview in Rome

Pier Angeli French Interview


This is a tribute to Italian actress Pier Angeli (1932-1971), and I decided to use the nickname that both her father (who died when she was a teenager) and her beloved James Dean called her. This beautiful, fragile looking young woman brought a sweet vulnerability and innocence to her early roles in her native Italy and MGM, and later a kind of fiery sensuality in her later movies done in Europe. One photographer described Anna Maria Pierangeli as having "the face of a beautiful, troubled angel", and it can be seen clearly in the photos and clips here. So heartbreaking that her life would have so much anguish and have such a sad ending, dying of an accidental drug overdose (her death was NOT a suicide as has been widely circulated). Pier always kept two photos at her bedside - one of her father and the other of Jimmy Dean, two men she had loved most, both of whom died young. In her early days at MGM, she was often cast opposite much older leading men, such as Stewart Granger, Mel Ferrar, Danny Kaye, Gene Kelly, Ricardo Mountalban and Kirk Douglas. Her marriage to singer Vic Damone was stormy and volatile, and her second marriage to composer Armando Trovajoli was stifling. While she lost her great love, she did have the love of her two sons, as well as her twin sister Marisa Pavan, younger sister Patrizia and friends like Debbie Reynolds. Anna Maria's relationship with her controlling stage mother, Enrica, was complicated but the two had a very dependant relationship. Perhaps that was why even behind the innocence of her eyes in the early years there was a hint of sadness. So I used "Come Back To Sorrento" by Dean Martin because it seemed to fit. I haven't made a video with such a big combination of video clips in a while, so forgive the somewhat awkward editing at times.

I recommend reading Jane Allen's excellent biography, "Pier Angeli: A Fragile Life".

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Clips from:

The Light Touch (1952)
The Devil Makes Three (1953)
The Story Of Three Loves (1953)
The Flame And The Flesh (1954)
The Silver Chalice (1954)
Sombero (1954)
Port Afrique (1956)
The Vintage (1957)
Merry Andrew (1958)
The Angry Silence (1960)
The Last Days Of Sodom And Gomorrah (1962)
Shadow Of Evil (1964)


Three loosely connected love stories. The first story: Paula is a talented dancer who cannot truly live unless she dances. But has a heart condition, which means she cannot live if she does. The second story: Tommy despises his French tutor, and hates being a child. He wants to be an adult so he can do what he wants. He gets his wish, being transformed into a handsome young man for one evening, and learns about whole new side of his French tutor. Third story: Pierre Narval is trapeze artist who gave it up when his partner died doing a dangerous stunt at his bidding. He rescues Nina, a beautiful young woman, after she throws herself into the Seine, and convinces her to become his new aerial partner. Her husband had been killed by the Nazis during the war, and she blames herself. They fall in love, which is tested when Nina must perform the stunt which killed Pierre's former partner. - IMDb


Domani e un altro giorno
Anna Maria Pierangeli in Domani e' un altro giorno.Clip from

Pier Angelis Sings " I could kiss you" 

Pier Angeli sings "I could kiss you" from "Port Afrique".Clip taken from

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